Orvis Zig-zag Gates - Cinnamon

  • Orvis Zig-zag Gates - Cinnamon
    Orvis Zig-zag Gates - Cinnamon
    New For Dogs
    Our redesigned Zig-Zag, indoor wooden dog gates are an easy and great-looking way to protect your dog from dangerous areas in your home. Simply unfold and stand up to create a barrier just about anywhere-no wall attachment required. Double-jointed hinges allow for multiple configurations. Gate features new arched tops and is now crafted from sustainably harvested Honduran pine-a wood similar in hardness to American red oak. Mortise-and-tenon construction. Indoor wooden dog gate in dark cherry, cinnamon. Each two-panel section covers a three-foot span. Panels are 24" wide. Distance between spindles is 2⅝".
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