Orvis On-the-way Handwarmer

  • Orvis On-the-way Handwarmer
    Orvis On-the-way Handwarmer
    Practical hand warmers great for hunting. These hand warmers are designed to work with ATV throttle handles, boat mottor tiller handles, chest wader handwarmer or belt-style handwarmer. Drake's 3 in 1 Handwarmer is the most versatile handwarmer on the market. Quite often, hunter's use ATV's and boats when trying to get to their secret hunting spot. Wind chill to the hands while motoring boats and atv's can be quite brutal at times and as a result, using a handwarmer while driving is a no-brainer for this product. Our 'On-the-Way' Handwarmer is designed to be removed quickly, from your tiller or ATV and then used as a handwarmer, attached to your wader's D-rings or around your waist with the included belt. In Max-4.
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