Orvis Access 105-4 Tip Flex

  • Orvis Access 105-4 Tip Flex
    Orvis Access 105-4 Tip Flex
    Fly Fishing
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    2 3/4 oz. 10', 4-piece, Tip-Flex Fly Rod for 5-wt. line.Whether using sophisticated Czech nymphing techniques or mending long lines across multiple currents, the Access 10-foot 5-weight Tip Flex is easily one of the most effective rods you will use for tough, specialized presentations. That extra foot gives you the ability to reach out, and the leverage to pick up line on the water and move it unlike any other regular fly rod. Built with our proprietary tapers and actions developed on Helios by our rod designers, the extreme lightweight makes it easy to handle all day and will significantly reduce the strain on your arms when reaching, high sticking, and mending hour after hour. This is a spectacular rod for float tubers and pontoon anglers as it keeps the back cast high and off the water. As a 5-weight rod, it can easily handle even the largest trout and is a must-have rod for big water trout anglers and even light steelheaders. At this price, this is one of the best values in fly rod
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