Orvis Access 704-4 Mid Flex

  • Orvis Access 704-4 Mid Flex
    Orvis Access 704-4 Mid Flex
    Fly Fishing
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    2 oz. 7', 4-piece, Mid-Flex Fly Rod for 4-wt. line.The 7-foot 4-weight 4-piece is one of the favorite freshwater rods in the Orvis arsenal for small stream and backcountry trout anglers. Combining its ability to pack down to fit any pack and its remarkable ability to cast accurately in the tightest spots, this little rod has captured the imagination of both eastern and western small stream anglers. This new Access version is wonderfully light in weight, allows precise casts into tight spots and offers wonderful tippet protection and great responsiveness at a price you will find hard to believe. Every small stream challenge will bring a smile to your face and every fish hooked will be felt right into your soul. At this remarkable price, there is no better brookie and small stream fly rod value in the world.
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