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Orvis Featherlight 9

  • Orvis Featherlight 9
    Orvis Featherlight 9
    Fly Fishing
    At 45 lbs, the Featherlight 9 is a great all-around pontoon fly fishing boat and perfect for fly-in trips and when weight is a critical factor. The frame is simple, strapless and attaches to a pair of 9' pontoons built with Ferrari PVC and high-quality urethane bladders. Lightweight does not imply that this is a stripped down model; the Featherlight 9 comes with a cargo pocket, study mesh cargo deck and breakdown 7' oars. At 45 pounds the Featherlight 9 is designed specifically for solo anglers who need a lightweight boat, but do not want sacrifice in quality. Fly fishing boat in green.
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